Both individuals and businesses make a lot of financial decisions every single day. We make sure that these decisions are smart and strategic, ensuring that at the end of the deal you will be the one who makes the profit!

Market research

It’s impossible to succeed in business these days, regardless of the niche, without a proper marketing team and researching…

Equity Venture Fund

Being one of the biggest Equity Venture Fund consulting companies in the US, we will help you accumulate & double your assets!

Investment Opportunities

We help our clients discover and take advantage of any investment opportunity out there – from commodities to…

Strategic Planning

Building a strategic development and expansion plan is vital, as the tactics game will simply leave your biz short-sighted…

Exit planning

Exit planning with us is a worked out, strategic roadmap 5-10 years before you will hit the road …

Business plan consulting

Are you about to pitch a plan for angel’s funding? Or you’ve started it all with your principal capital at stake? We can help to plan it all out.

Happy clients

My and my friend’s “garage investment fund” skyrocketed so quickly, that we urgently required a financial advisor not to plummet just as fast. Cretos’guys were just that.

Kevin Garnett