Church Management Software options in 2022

In the past, church administrators had a lot more to think about when it came to technology. Questions about what type of church accounting software needed? What type of church presentation software and church directory software fits the needs of the church best? Luckily in this new modern day, advances in technology have made it much easier to accomplish many of the tasks that church administrations use to worry about.

Often smaller churches looking for affordable ways to operate more efficiently turn to free software, but they soon realize these solutions rarely accomplish the tasks in an efficient way and often only create new headaches. First of all, there is no easy button or magic pill, the right processes and procedures need to be in place before selecting a ChMS ( Church Management Software ) can succeed. A larger church may have an IT staff in place but for smaller churches, it's important that you have someone with at least a basic understanding of software applications or a technical background to implement a new system or migrate the church from an existing legacy software to a new and improved ChMS.

When evaluation ChMS options, remember to do your homework and reach out to other churches and speak with someone currently using the software you are considering and what level of support they have received. It's best to make a list of things your church is looking to accomplish and not to budge on some of the core tasks needed to help maintain and grow your ministry. Also consider scalability, you want a ChMS that can grow with you and not create any future limitations. Remember your primary goals to connect with, engage with, and strengthen the members of your congregation. Managing all of this data can be quite confusing, which is why a good ChMS is so important to the overall operations and ministry of your church.

After researching numerous options, there were 3 Church Management Software companies that stood out above the rest.

  • BreezeChMS - Offers a great combination of user-friendly features that offer a great fit for what most churches looking for at an affordable price. Used by over 9,000 churches Phone and Email Support.
  • ChurchTrac - Another great choice for a simple, modern and easy to use software that covers all the bases for the right price. Phone and Email Support
  • BlackBaud - For a robust solution, from a software company that has all the bells and whistles, this a great option for congregations looking for a tailored solution.

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